Standard Ranges

The asa Standard Ranges are patented, modular systems that can be combined into a customized heat exchange system. While standardization guarantees quality and short lead times, our add-ons, such as internal bypass options, offer all the flexibility you need to make our products a perfect match for your specific application.

Standard Ranges LowLine

Standard Ranges TT rail

Standard Ranges AUC series

Standard Ranges HL series

Tank-Filter-Cooler Range

The idea of modular and customizable heat exchange solutions also applies to the asa Tank-Filter-Cooler units. These are powerful oil-air cooling units for both on- and off-highway mobile applications. Click on this text to find out more about our H-Cubes for trucks, Eco 11 FTF for concrete mixers, as well as other customized solutions and tank accessories.

Tank-Filter-Cooler Range H-Cube

Tank-Filter-Cooler Range ECO 11 FTF

Tank-Filter-Cooler Range Customized, Tank/Filter/Cooler-units

Tank-Filter-Cooler Range H-Set

Tank-Filter-Cooler Range Tank Accessories

Special Ranges

Special requirements call for asa Special Ranges which are suitable for ATEX explosive atmospheres, highly aggressive offshore environments, or for the simultaneous cooling of different fluids, such as charge air, hydraulic oil, and water-glycol. Please click here for a more detailed description of our special oil-air coolers.

Special Ranges AS-Series

Special Ranges W-Line Series

Special Ranges ATEX

Special Ranges GT Protection

Special Ranges Nema Mount Cooler Series

Special Ranges 12 Series

Special Ranges MAC Series

Special Ranges AHP Series